More Testimonials

Chiemsee Castle Staff; 

Thank you so much for taking excellent care of Elliot.  At Chiemsee Castle, he has made friends, learned many things, and been a very happy preschooler.  Each day, I was able to focus on work because I knew Elliot was well cared for and loved, and each night when we would talk and play, he relayed a
ll the things he did each day with you.  Our family will miss you.  Please know that what you do each day makes a huge difference in the lives of the families you work with.  You are much appreciated, and since I am unable to give you the millions of dollars your care is worth to me, I will give you what I think is the next best thing...ICE CREAM!  Please enjoy an ooey gooey treat today and know it is from a very special little guy who thinks the world of you all!  Happy summer!"

                                                                                   ~ Elliot Reed and family

"To all of Evelynn & Elena's teachers;

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do every day at the daycare.  Evelynn and Elena are both happy and healthy children and you have taken a part in that.  The girls enjoy going to "school" every day and to me that speaks volumes.  We appreciate all your hard work.  eric and I are very happy with our decision to send the girls to Chiemsee Castle.  We enjoy our chats with all the teachers.  Evelynn speaks fondly of all the teachers that she has had.  Thank you."

                                                                                   ~ The Voss family

"Letter of recommendation

I refer and talk about Chiemsee Castle Daycare/Preschool to as many people as I can, why you ask.  My son is three years old, and he has been going to Chiemsee Castle for three months.  He has learned more in three months than he had at another daycare in a year and a half.  He is learning Spanish, German, computer skills, social interaction, among a list of other educational procedures that the teachers bring to the children.  My son is always singing new songs that his teachers have taught him whether it is Spanish colors, or nursery rhymes.  My son does artwork every day using scissors, yarn, textured and colored paper.  Chiemsee Castle has an in house cook, so the food is always prepared that day and not brought in from another facility.  The rooms are clean and well organized giving the children structure and the ability to recognize where toys belong when it is time to clean up.  The teachers listen to all your concerns and work with the family to make your child feel at a home, away from home.

From a parent who is so pleased with the care and education my child receives while I am at work."

~ Stacy Peruzzi

"Dear Ceci, Brian, and Sue:

Zander will be starting kindergarten in a month and a half.  My in-laws would like to spend some time with him before school starts and we will be taking some family trips, so unfortunately his last day will be on Friday, July 29th, 2011.  I would like to thank you and your staff so very much for all that you have done to make Zander a second home at chiemsee.  From the adorable artwork, to the foreign languages, the fun field trips, the breakfasts with parents, and the incredibly priceless Christmas programs, we have loved it all.  I will never forget his singing of the 12 days of Christmas from 2009 and his portrayal of the chipmunk Alvin in 2010.  Thanks to my camcorder he will never forget it either!  I just wonder how many future girlfriends I can show it to before it myseriously disappears. :) We will miss you all but I know Zander will especially miss his buddy, Brian, and his favorite teacher, Miss Ciera."

~ Sincerely,
   Katrina Malson and family

"We used this wonderful daycare for our first child. We were so happy with all the teachers and how they interacted with our child. She loved being there and learning. Every day, we would get a report of what she did, when she was changed and what she ate. Unfortunately, we moved across the country and now realize even more how great Chimsee Castle was. We miss them greatly and wish them the best. I would certainly recommend this daycare to everyone! "

~ Rachell
    (taken from Google Places review)

"After a bad situation in an in-home day care, Chiemsee's staff was wonderful with our first son and now our second child goes there. They have taught both boys some great things and the teachers just adore all the kids! When concerns have come up in the past, they were dealt with right away. I have recommended Chiemsee to other parents and will continue to do so."

 ~ Mommyof2
     (taken from Google Places review)

"We moved to the area and enrolled in Chiemsee when my first child was just over 2- he is now 4 and has a 1 year old sister. My kids have both learned so much in their time at Chiemsee with lessons in German, Spanish, reading, writing, etc. My son is currently in 4k and I'm not as confident in what he is learning in that program as I am with Chiemsee. Highly recommend!"

 ~ Dixie
    (taken from Google Places review)

"Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that Sorcha is settling in here ok. She loves being with daddy, but I think she misses all you guys up there. We really realize how great of a daycare Chimsee Castle is, especially after leaving. I left a review on Google and if you ever need any referals, let us know. We were wondering if you would be able to send us a statement either by email or mail with the charges vs payments since the first of the year. In the moving, we can't seem to find some of our reciepts. Hope things are going well up there! Thanks," 

 ~ Rachell, Les & Sorcha

"Ceci, Sue, & all the staff,
Thank you so much for all you have done for us and Elijah.  We really appreciate it.  We will miss everyone"

 ~ Terri, Brittany, and Elijah

"Dear Ceci, Sue & everyone at Chiemsee Castle,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you've provided for Chloe and Griffin.  You've really made us feel like family!  Everyone will be greatly missed, but we'll make sure to come and visit!  With much love,"

~ Andrew, Jan, Chloe & Griffin Jones

"Happy Holidays Chiemsee Castle Staff:
Travis and I would like to thank all of you for caring so much for Ayden.  It is truly a blessing to be able to have such an awesome crew caring for our child.  I never worry about how he is doing, or how he is being treated.  Before Chiemsee Castle, Ayden went to two in home daycares, and we had nothing but issues.  I worried on a daily basis, and had difficulties concentrating at work because I was so worried about him.  I have never
once worried about him with all of you, and I have never even called to check up on him.  It is the greatest feeling in the world knowing that my son is in great hands with you guys!!!  He is learning so much, and I know he enjoys it there.  Please enjoy all of the candy, and have a wonderful holiday!!!!"

~ Sincerely, Travis and Stacy Bargender

"Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012:
We want to thank all staff at Chiemsee Castle for the wonderful job you do in caring for our children!  All of your time, effort, and dedication to their care is greatly appreciated!"

~ Love; Mike, Jeanne, Liam & Leah

"To whom it may concern;
Myla Meier's last week attending Chiemsee Castle Day Care will be the week of April 3rd, 2012 due to our family's relocation.  We have loved the care you have provided to Myla while she was attending, and we are truly sad to be leaving.  We will refer anyone looking for child care in the Oshkosh area to your facility.  We can't tell you what a fabulous experience it has been.  Thank you for everything."

~ Thanks again, Ian and Jacie Meier

"Hello everyone,
Sorry I haven't sent a letter. Many crazy things have been happening. A week before my unit left the mission changed and numbers needed has decreased so I have been taken off the list. I didn't deploy with my unit so I'm in Hartford as of right now. Kyra's learning a lot and still uses some sign language which surprised some of the teachers at her daycare. She speaks one or two sentences and she is extremely active.  I'm working at a factory right in Hartford and I applied for graduation in the fall. I should finish my degree by December 2012. I think Kyra misses Chiemsee Castle and I know Karl and I for sure do. The daycare she's at right now is still being remodeled and Karl doesn't like the security system because it's not fully in place yet. It's just something to get used to I guess. Lol. Attach to this email is recent family pictures. I hope you like them. Kyra is 3'1" and around 30 lbs. 
Thank you for being a great daycare for my daughter. She amazes myself and a lot of other people about what she's learned through out the years. Sometimes she pulls out how to say 'no' in German. Also, thank you for being very flexible especially when we had to go through a huge change in our lives.  Bless you!"

~Desiree E. Ratzel

"Finding a daycare for our children was one of the hardest and scariest things we have ever had to do.  Is this the right one?  Will their developmental needs be met?  Will they be safe?  Will they be happy?  All questions, as a parent, you want to be able to answer with a yes at the end of the day.  And, that is exactly what we have found at Chiemsee Castle.  I remember the first day the kids had to go to "school" (thats what we call daycare), I was pretty nervous, and remembered when I brought the kids in a few weeks earlier to take a second tour of the facility.  I voiced my worries, and Miss Nikki reassured me that everything would be fine; and that I am more than welcome to come in and spend time with the twins should I want to - at any time.  A simple statement, but at that time those words were gold.  Since the kids have been at Chiemsee Castle, we have had nothing short of a wonderful experience.  The staff is amazing; they are friendly and very knowledgeable caregivers.  They treat all the children and parents as family; a tight family.  We know we made the right decision with Chiemsee Castle especially when after a long day of work, I come to get the twins and they are - happy, giggly, and smiley with a look that says, "I had fun today, Mom".  Our kids are safe, happy and thriving, we can proudly answer YES, we have found the PERFECT daycare."

- The Edwards Family

"Dear Ceci, Brian, & Ciera, We are so sad to be leaving Chiemsee!  Hannah has loved being here the past 4 and a half years.  She has been very well taken care of and has learned so much over that time.  We just wanted to say thanks to you and all the great teachers she has had!"

~ Melissa, Matt & Hannah

"Chiemsee Castle Staff, Today is my "last day", through your guidance and love, I am ready to leap into my next milestone: Kindergarten.  You helped me learn how to smile, babble, crawl, talk and walk.  Then you taught me how to grow with friends and accomplish all my milestones - Keith

It's hard to believe how fast the last 4-1/2 years have gone!  Each of you have touched our hearts throughout the years.  With mixed tears of happiness and sorrow - thank you for all you have done for Keith.  I know he is ready - because of all you have taught him.  My heart hurts knowing Keith is leaving his family at Chiemsee.  Yes, family.  You have shown him unconditional love and I (we) are forever grateful.  You are all truly amazing.  In Keith's words - "mommy, don't cry, I'm a big boy and I will be back soon at daycare.  They can't get rid of me!"

~ The Degroots and Keith