A Touching Story


Something very touching happened today... last year, the Chiemsee Castle staff got together and hand made quilts which were donated to cancer patients at Mercy Medical Center.  A couple of weeks ago, we learned (through the granddaughter of this certain cancer patient), that her Grandmother passed away.  She told us that her Grandma absolutely loved the quilt that we had made for her, and had it by her side when she passed.  That was so gratifying to hear, and made everything worthwhile.  However, that's not the end of the story; this afternoon, two ladies came into the center, and presented us with a check for $200.00 from the estate of the deceased, with the instructions that we were to use the money to make more quilts for current cancer patients (as one of the last wishes of Grandma).  How awesome is that!  We all got goosebumps.  We of course happily accepted the check, and will be getting together in August to make as many quilts as we can.  This is what life is all about; helping those in need, and comforting those who need to be comforted.  Giving what you can give is the right thing to do, and it makes you feel so good to help or comfort someone who really needs it.  Remember, WWJD?