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We are dedicated to providing children of all ages a safe, fun, and cutting edge learning environment, concentrating on the values of family, education, and fitness of mind and body.  We believe that by giving a child the tools he or she needs to realize their dreams, we are strengthening the core of America, one generation at a time.​​
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"Welcome to our Web site!  I know the first thing that you are asking yourself is; 'how the heck do you pronounce that?!'  The correct pronunciation of our name is "kim - say", and  it is named after a famous castle in southern Germany called "Herrenchiemsee".  It is very big and beautiful, and is one of four built by the late nineteenth century king of Bavaria, Ludwig the Second. Our family visited my brother-in-law while he was stationed (US Army) in Germany, and we took a tour of this wonderful old structure.  When deciding on what we would name our new center, that castle's beauty and grandeur came to mind; 'lets make a castle for the kids!', and the rest is history.  Now that you know how we got our weird name, we can move on.

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Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ceci Gabavics, and I am the owner and administrator of Chiemsee Castle.  I am a married mother of one, and have been involved in the childcare profession for over 30 years.  I hope that you find our site informative and helpful; and if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact us.   Thanks for visiting!"
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