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"King Ludwig's Secret Code"
"King Ludwig's Secret Code"
Welcome to our " King Ludwig's secret code" gift certificate promotion!  In order to solve the mystery of the secret King Ludwig code, you must travel through the website, and collect King Ludwig's lost jewels. 

Each jewel will have a letter with it.  Write down the letter, and click on the jewel to proceed to the next page with another hidden jewel.  After you find and collect the FIVE hidden jewels, unscramble the corresponding letters to form the secret code.  Enter the "secret code" password where prompted, and King Ludwig will reward you with one week's free tuition!  To get you started, here are your first two letters to the puzzle, along with a clue:

"King Ludwig's favorite hangouts..."

"T" & "N"
are two letters in the secret code

NOTE: enter secret code in lower case letters!
Good Luck!

Here is an example of the jewel -